How Do I Change My Name On Mass General Brigham?

How Do I Change My Name On Mass General Brigham? Keeping your medical records accurate and up to date is crucial for receiving the best care possible. One significant part of your records is your name.

This may be due to recently changed marital status, for instance getting married or divorced, or simply a preference to be identified differently other than in the legal names.

This article will provide you with steps on how to change your name on MGB’s online platforms; thus enabling seamless communication and accurate record-keeping for future medical care.

how do i change my name on mass general brigham

How Do I Change My Name On Mass General Brigham?

Here are some reasons that make updating one’s name on MGB necessary:

Marriage or Divorce: Upon getting married or divorced recently your legal name automatically changes. Updating this information with MGB ensures that all medical records are aligned with the present identity.

Change of Preferred Name: Sometimes people prefer their middle names, nicknames, or other names instead of the legal ones used during registration. Even though one’s legal name should always be stated down, an updated preferred name allows staff members at MGB to address you as most comfortably as possible.

Adoption: By changing your name at MGB after adoption, you will not only reflect a correct identity but also ensure easy retrieval of your medical records whenever needed.

There might be other causes necessitating you renaming yourself like gender transition or correction from mistakes made before.

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Change

It is not difficult to change one’s name on MBG platforms. Here is a step-by-step guide that can assist you when navigating through the system:

  1. Login into Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway, go to Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway login page ( and enter a username together with the password.
  2. Navigate to Your Profile Settings: After logging in, find where account details can be managed within the site. It could be profile and settings among others which indicate that area.
  3. Find the Name Change Option: In your profile settings look for a section dedicated to updating your personal information; this could be referred to as “Demographics”, “Personal Details” or something close. Such sections should have an option that deals explicitly with changing your name.
  4. Input Your New Name Information: With caution, key in your new legal name, which includes first, middle, and last names (if any). At times you might also be able to change your preferred name. Before proceeding confirm all the details provided are correct.

Pro Tip: Ensure that the government-issued identification name inputted is similar to that on your ID (discussed in the following section).

  1. Submit Your Request: Once all the relevant details have been filled in click on the button allowing submission of a request to change one’s name. This can be labeled as ‘Save Changes’ or ‘Update Profile’.

Important Considerations

Verification Requirements: In some cases, MGB may require you to submit a copy of a government-issued ID that verifies your new legal name. This could be a driver’s license, passport, or marriage certificate. Be prepared to upload a clear copy of the document during the submission process or mail it if requested.

Processing Time: Allow some processing time for MGB to verify your information and update your records. You may receive an email notification once the change is complete.

Keeping Your Records Up-to-Date

By following these steps and keeping your name information accurate on MGB platforms, you ensure a smooth and efficient healthcare experience. Remember, accurate records allow doctors and healthcare professionals to have a complete picture of your medical history, leading to better diagnosis, treatment, and overall care.

Processing Delays: Although most name change requests are handled promptly, there might be occasional holdups. This may be a result of a high volume or the need for more verification. Below are some suggestions for dealing with delays:

  • Be patient: Give MGB some time to process your information and update the files.
  • Keep a copy of your submission: Retain your name change request and any other documents you submitted.

Keeping Your Records Accurate

Changing your name on MGB platforms is a seamless process if you adhere to these guidelines and maintain accurate information.

Note that keeping medical records current promotes both privacy and delivery of quality healthcare by health practitioners. In case you have any other issues or concerns, feel free to contact MGB support for assistance.


How Do I Change My Name On Mass General Brigham? The article has described how one can go about changing their name on Mass General Brigham platforms.

The importance of having accurate information in medical records, legal aspects, validation processes, and what to do when things go wrong are among other topics discussed herein.

Always bear in mind that ensuring your name remains up-to-date guarantees effective communication which eventually allows MGB to offer better services. By sticking to the above steps while ensuring accuracy is maintained, this transition can be easily done away with.

So if you are thinking about changing your name don’t fail to update it on your MGB profile – it will save you from mistakes!

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